Carson Long Military Academy: Informational Video

Discover our history and learn how our cadets prepare for all that life requires by following our structured programs.

Winning JROTC program

Carson Long's JROTC program provides young men the necessary tools and skills to become leaders within their own communities.

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Carson Long Academics

Carson Long's small class size allows a more hands on approach to teaching. Our mandatory study halls are designed to ensure cadets complete assigned homework and assignments.

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How to Learn


Structured Learning Environment

Carson Long’s academic atmosphere is structured to prepare young men from grades 6 -12 for any college or vocation  they wish to pursue. Eighty percent of Carson Long graduates attend a 4-year college, and the remaining 20% either attend a two-year college, enlist in the military, or go straight into the world of work.

All cadets leaving Carson Long are well prepared for the future.

Part of Carson Long’s success is due to the small class sizes and individualized attention. The average class size is 13 cadets and the ratio of teachers to students is 1:9.

In addition to small class size, regular communication with parents helps resolve small issues before they become major problems. Formal progress reports are issued every six weeks and informal reports are emailed every third week.

Required Study Halls

Carson Long’s small class sizes and individualized attention allow students the opportunity to receive help from their own teachers between every class period.

Carson Long faculty are also available in the afternoon as needed to work with students struggling in their classes. Because of the boarding school environment, cadets have access to faculty for additional help during the weekends. This is beneficial for students requiring a more one-on-one approach without distractions.

Cadets with additional difficulties, can be supported through our partnership with the Capital Area Intermediate Unit.


Classroom Technology

All of Carson Long’s classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards, a classroom PC, and Internet connection. As part of annual fees, cadets receive an iPad to use with the school network. This network allows access only to academic websites during school hours and has more open access for recreational sites during cadet free times. School network access is restricted when cadets are expected to be asleep in their dorm rooms.


Scholarship Opportunities

Each year many of our graduating cadets receive scholarship money to help pay for the college education. The 33 graduates in the class of 2013 earned $768,000 in scholarships.

2012: Colleges Providing Scholarships-Partial List
  • West Virginia University
  • Salem State University
  • Franklin Pierce University
  • Pace University
  • Seton Hall University
  • St. Leo University
  • University of Tampa
  • Champlain College
  • Norwich University
  • Ohio State University
  • Virginia Tech
  • St. John’s University


1:1 iPad Program

Carson Long Military Academy: iPad ProgramCarson Long Military Academy builds upon its recognized and long-standing reputation for academic excellence with the launch of a 1:1 iPad program in academic year 2013-14. Mindful of the growing impact of technology on all aspects of modern life and the paradigm shift a way from teacher centered learning to one of collaborative shared endeavor, CLMA will leverage the iPads to support the development of proficiencies that will serve its cadets both in university and later as productive members of a world society.

With information now essentially free on the Internet, the old model of teacher as ‘sage on the stage’ has been supplanted by a recognition that modern graduates need a range of 21st century skills that will serve them in diverse future situations including creativity, communication, character, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and collaboration. The iPad will not replace the experienced teacher in developing and nurturing these critical life skills, but through it unheard of opportunities emerge to provide ways to engage students in new ways of thinking and learning in a differentiated and supportive scholarly environment.

To this end all CLMA students and teachers are to be issued an iPad and encouraged to explore together the possibilities of this exciting, dynamic and transformative educational field in support of the school’s mission to inspire young men to strive for academic excellence, build strong character and reach their highest potential as future responsible citizens and ethical leaders in a global community.

2013-14 Course Prospectus
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