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Discover our history and learn how our cadets prepare for all that life requires by following our structured programs.

Winning JROTC program

Carson Long's JROTC program provides young men the necessary tools and skills to become leaders within their own communities.

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Carson Long Academics

Carson Long's small class size allows a more hands on approach to teaching. Our mandatory study halls are designed to ensure cadets complete assigned homework and assignments.

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Carson Long’s JROTC Program

1 (589) (1)The mission of the Carson Long JROTC Program is to “Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens” and to develop leaders of excellent character for the future.

The JROTC Program is a combination life skills/ citizenship courses and leadership development programs.  It combines both rigorous academic Coursework and hands-on practical applications of leadership, problem solving, ethical decision-making, physical fitness, community service, and interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills.

JROTC is a full credit course taken by all Cadets in grades 9-12.  The JROTC academic program focuses on student-centered learning.  JROTC instructors use a wide variety of instructional techniques including practical application activities, community service, simulations, service learning, formal social activities, and student presentations to deliver the core curriculum.
In addition to academic classwork, the JROTC Program offers a variety of extracurricular teams and activities to reinforce the curriculum and have fun.  These include a Precision Military Drill Team, a Raider Team or Outdoor & Physical Fitness Adventure Team, Military Color Guard, and our own Military Police Corps, who provide traffic control for on campus events, and from time to time assist local Fire Police in support of community events.   Cadets are also provided the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by earning the chance to fill leadership positions within the Cadet Corps.

JROTC Curriculum Overview


The JROTC Program covers a wide variety of topics focused on development of the student’s skills and knowledge as a citizen, leader, and member of a community and team. Some of the central topics covered in the curriculum includes American Citizenship-Role and Responsibilities, Service Learning, Leadership and Management Principles, Personal Wellness and Fitness, Money and Financial Management, Career Opportunities and Exploration, Resume Writing, Communications Skills, Conflict and Anger Management, First Aid, Values/ Ethics, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, and Study Skills.  A central theme throughout the JROTC Program is the development of personal responsibility, self-discipline, teamwork, and pride in a job well done.

JROTC Cadet Benefits

Boys boarding school with JROTC programSuccessful completion of the JROTC Program affords the students a number of tangible benefits.  All students who actively engage in the program develop leadership and teamwork skills that many employers seek in entry-level managers.  Cadets who choose to enlist in the military service, at any point following their graduation from high school, are eligible for advance promotion on completing their basic training.  In addition, successful completion of JROTC is a positive factor for those Cadets interested in winning ROTC Scholarships to college.  Finally, cadets are taught how to successfully apply for college, as well as how to apply for and win scholarships.

JROTC Uniform Requirments


All cadets attending Carson Long Military Academy wear the standard school uniforms.  Cadets are issued uniforms for Physical Training (PE) Classes, School Trips, and formal events.  Cadets are required to wear these uniforms and meet the personal grooming requirements as outlined in JROTC and School Regulations.  These uniform requirements and standards help our cadets develop the habits of meeting personal grooming and dress standards that are essential to success and often demanded in the work place.

JROTC Awards

Color_GuardIn JROTC, we believe that personal and organizational recognition are powerful motivators for success in young adolescents.  The JROTC Awards Program is designed to recognize cadets for their efforts and successes in a variety of areas including academic excellence, public speaking, journalism, athletics, personal fitness, participation in teams and clubs, as well as community and school service.  In addition to program awards, cadets can compete for and earn a number of national level awards.  Cadets are recognized in formal award ceremonies throughout the academic year.

JROTC Social and Community Activities

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Cadets participate in a wide variety of social and community Activities.  Each year, cadets in the graduating class participate in a formal Military Ball (Senior Prom), where they are taught some of the basics of ballroom dancing and take part in a formal receiving line.  Cadets in the senior class also participate in a formal Dining In in the spring of their senior year.  This event is designed to honor the graduating class, as well as to teach them the etiquette of formal dining complete with receiving line and formal toasts.  Through our service learning and community service programs,  cadets get first-hand experience in learning how they as everyday citizens can make a major impact in their community and the lives of others.

JROTC Regulations

Carson Long Class of 2014There are regulations about the personal appearance of cadets, wearing of the uniform, and even how to address Carson Long staff, visitors, military personnel and other cadets.




Carson Long’s JROTC Office



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